Law Reviews & Law Journals

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Rethinking Student Press in the ‘Marketplace of Ideas’ After Hosty: The Argument for Encouraging Professional Journalistic Practices. 33(2) Journal of College and University Law 429-472 [student note] (2007).

Other Publications

Colleges Need Free Speech More Than Trademarks. 60(24) Chronicle of Higher Education A29-A30 (Feb. 24, 2014).

Sharing Life’s Work. 22(6) National Jurist 6-7 (2013).

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Colleges As Collectors: Questions to Ask When Buying and Selling Artworks. 55(3) Chronicle of Higher Education A96 (Sept. 12, 2008) [with Gilbert E. Schill, Jr.].

Access and Storage of Knowledge in the New Millennium: The Google Book Search Library Project and the Future of Libraries. Teachers College Record (Jan. 11, 2007).